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Books to Movies Blog Hop GIVEAWAY

As a screenwriter and novelist, this blog hop is the ultimate! There are so many book adaptations out there (good, bad, and just ugly) and each year it seems more blockbuster films / film franchises originate from a novel.

Some say the film industry is drying up, lacking in originality, and has to mine the prose world. But, I can assure you, that's not the case. Screenwriters, directors, producers are dreaming up more ideas each day than could ever make it into print or to the big screen. Ideas are a dime a dozen...it's how they're executed and who gets to the idea first that's key.

Optioning a book for film comes with numerous benefits. You can have a ready-made, built in fan base to help drive the buzz or contrarily, you can save an unknown novel from obscurity and have little pressure because no one cares if you cut scenes or tweak character motives (except the original author, of course). Authors aren't limited to the harsh realities of production budgets, trying to please distributors, and the stark thought "How the hell are we going to DO that?"...and so the worlds they build, the heights to which they bring their characters are limitless. Novels go places without a single thought to the economics of the journey. Which is why they're such amazing fodder for film. An adaptation can be faithful to the novel and have an explosive budget for special effects / fab locations, or it can simply take the spirit of the source material and turn it into something quite original on an indie-film budget.
May the trend of transferring books we love into films we adore continue! To celebrate, I have a giveaway. One of my fav books, DERBY GIRL, written by author and screenwriter, Shauna Cross, with its quirky and heartwarming film, WHIP IT. I will send an ebook copy and digital film version to the winner via Amazon's "Give as a gift" feature. 

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