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Take Tewes with Theresa DaLayne

Every odd Tuesday (because Tuesdays aren't odd enough), I feature a different young adult fiction author YOU should know - from best-sellers to debuts. And what better way to do this than asking them TWO fun questions. Short, sweet, and sassy - just the way I like interviews.

Happy to feature one of my Bloomsbury Spark sisters today on the blog. Theresa DaLayne's Spark title, THE EDGE OF YOU is set to launch on September 25th and it's one I'm super keen to read. Check out Theresa's answers to my questions AND a bonus excerpt from THE EDGE OF YOU and you'll soon see why. Don't forget to follow the official blog tour!

1. Can you share the inspiration for THE EDGE OF YOU?

The main inspiration came from the location—Kodiak, Alaska. I lived there for seven years, and truly believe without my time spent on that island, I never would have experienced life in the woods. When I say that I think back to the nights gathered around a bon fire on the beach, hiking in Abercrombie Park, racing between trees from one side of town to the other. In cities, kids hang out at malls and skate parks. In Kodiak, the woods is where the night life goes down. So yeah, I’d say the inspiration came from Kodiak Island itself.

2. I've been to Anchorage, Alaska in the summer. I think they had 22 hours of daylight when we were there. Did the setting "show up" with this story?

Absolutely. Watch out for the scene where Maya is new to the island, lying in her bed and trying to sleep. Unfortunately at eleven o’clock at night, the sun is still shining bright through her windows. In fact, when I lived there, our neighbors liked to walk their dogs and even mow their lawns close to midnight. No, I’m not kidding.

I also take readers to a few local spots, like White Sand Beach, which is a local party site. Maya and Jake are there, listening to a local strum her guitar and sing Alutiiq folk music around a bonfire. That Alutiiq character plays a small part, but is actually based off of someone I know, who still lives on the island.

One place I would have liked to bring readers to is a spot the locals call “Sometimes Island.” It’s a peninsula during low tide and an island during high tide. If I ever write another book based on Kodiak, I’ll definitely fit it in!

Thanks so much for having me, Judith! As a treat, here’s an excerpt from the bonfire scene on White Sand Beach. :) Oh! And for those who buy THE EDGE OF YOU and read the “red pants” scene right after the bonfire, that actually happened to me. Just sayin. ;)

As they grew closer to the fire, it became clear how many people were there. Twenty, maybe thirty, just hanging out with bottles in their hands and smiles on their faces.
Jake paused and examined the open twelve pack resting in the sand. He squeezed Maya’s hand. “You sure you’re okay with this?”
It didn’t take any explanation for her to know what he was talking about. She nodded.
A guy with a dark jacket and baseball cap spotted them first. “Hey, Jake’s here!” Jake immediately recognized Ian’s voice, a crewmember from another boat. He fished with Jake his first season in Kodiak. Ian took a few clumsy steps forward and slapped Jake on the back. “What’s up, man? I heard you were back, but I haven’t seen you around.”
“Just working, as usual.”
Ian nodded, then checked out Maya. “Who’s the hottie?”
Jake had never been the jealous type, but the comment made his body temperature spike. He stepped forward, remembering Ian was just about the nicest guy he’d ever met. “This is my girlfriend, Maya.”
Maya’s head shot up, her smile widening.
He hoped she would react that way.
Ian waved them forward. “Sweet. Then come on. You guys are just in time. Lori just brought out her guitar.”
Maya wrapped her arm around Jake’s and leaned into him. “Who’s Lori?”
“She’s a musician with a really good voice. Sings Alutiiq folk music. They’re an Alaskan Native American tribe.” He pulled her forward. “Come on. You’ll like it.”
As soon as they arrived near the campfire, the group hushed, and Jake spotted Lori sitting on a piece of driftwood, strumming absentmindedly on her guitar. He stepped behind Maya to allow the heat from the fire to ease her shivering. Her hands were like ice, but she seemed content, listening to Lori’s soft voice carry through the air.
Jake wrapped his arms around Maya from behind and hugged her close to his chest, resting his chin on her shoulder. It had been so long since he held someone. He missed the warmth of a woman’s body. But life had thrown him so many curveballs; he’d spent most of his teen years either working or worrying, which gave him hardly any time for relationships.
Maya swayed with the gentle strumming of notes and the hushed, soothing tone of Lori’s voice. The entire song was in Alutiiq, and even though he didn’t understand a word of it, it was obvious Maya felt the melody. Like she must have felt her art.
He wished he had something like that. Something that breathed life back into him.
Maya smiled. He felt it—her cheek rose and pressed against his. Jake pulled her closer against his chest, burying his nose in her hair and resting his lips against the curve of her neck.
Maybe he had already found what made him feel alive. Maybe he didn’t need to keep looking because maybe, just maybe, she was already in his arms.https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22512074-the-edge-of-you


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