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Drum Roll Please

Oh, my friends, if you'd be so kind, a little drum roll on the edge of the your computer desks please.

I'm thrilled to announce (dramatic auditorium echo) announce, announce....I've signed with Bloomsbury Spark, a new line Bloomsbury is just launching which markets to both young adult and new adult fiction readers - for my edgy young adult manuscript, MY SOON TO BE SEX LIFE.

ETA - Fall 2014.


Bloomsbury is the original home of Harry Potter and to be affiliated with this big-gun publisher, as they're embarking on a new endeavour - well, that's a heady thing. Bloomsbury Spark is a "digital first" line, meaning their titles will be released as ebook initially - when they reach a certain level of success they'll be made available in print. Spark titles will be marketed at the same level of their print line counterparts, will have an engaging online presence, and aren't restricted to a specific genre.

It's a wild-and-crazy-cool time to be in publishing. For publishers, it can be challenging to keep up with trends, changing technology, and the ever evolving expectations of readers. From a writer's perspective - there's a smorgasbord of opportunities. Pitfalls exist, certainly, and writers need to keep their wits about them, but entrepreneurial spirits will navigate the land mines and see the potential.

I can't wait dive into edits with Meredith Rich, our fearless leader, and meet the other Bloomsbury Spark authors. Perhaps I'll arrange some blog interviews to introduce you to them as well.

RANDOM ASIDE: Always wanted to know how drum rolls work? Let this kid show you.


Prague Reads

This summer I accompanied my husband, a high school social studies teacher, on a tour of Eastern European cities - with about 28 grade 10-12 students. A relaxing / romantic getaway? Not quite. The trip of a lifetime? Yeah, that's pretty close.

One of the supervisors, a high school English teacher, brought a bunch of books along to read during the many hours of planes, trains, and automobiles. I did not.

I learned my lesson the last time we travelled overseas. Now I just load up my iPad with a few new titles and leave room in my luggage for the books I know I'll buy during the trip. Because - let's face it, I'm an addict. And who can resist quaint bookstores like this one in Prague...say hello to Shakespeare & Sons.

From the cobblestone streets, fold-out display cases and stately streetlight - this English-language bookstore was a beacon, drawing me in the moment we rounded the corner.

Inside, the narrow aisles somehow managed to feel spacious and well-placed. A fantastic display of Prague-related titles greeted us at the entrance and throughout the shop shelves were neatly organized by subject.

A healthy young adult fiction section, complete with standard 
Twilight fare, as well as other current "must haves".

Cozy reading areas with a European flare.

A book-lined staircase.

Shakespeare & Sons in Prague offers a great selection and 
loads of charm - was sorry we only had time for one visit.



Heya so anyway this is a test, eh? Gots it?