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Prague Reads

This summer I accompanied my husband, a high school social studies teacher, on a tour of Eastern European cities - with about 28 grade 10-12 students. A relaxing / romantic getaway? Not quite. The trip of a lifetime? Yeah, that's pretty close.

One of the supervisors, a high school English teacher, brought a bunch of books along to read during the many hours of planes, trains, and automobiles. I did not.

I learned my lesson the last time we travelled overseas. Now I just load up my iPad with a few new titles and leave room in my luggage for the books I know I'll buy during the trip. Because - let's face it, I'm an addict. And who can resist quaint bookstores like this one in Prague...say hello to Shakespeare & Sons.

From the cobblestone streets, fold-out display cases and stately streetlight - this English-language bookstore was a beacon, drawing me in the moment we rounded the corner.

Inside, the narrow aisles somehow managed to feel spacious and well-placed. A fantastic display of Prague-related titles greeted us at the entrance and throughout the shop shelves were neatly organized by subject.

A healthy young adult fiction section, complete with standard 
Twilight fare, as well as other current "must haves".

Cozy reading areas with a European flare.

A book-lined staircase.

Shakespeare & Sons in Prague offers a great selection and 
loads of charm - was sorry we only had time for one visit.


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