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They call it "falling" in love for a reason. What are some key seasonal elements of FALL that lend themselves to telling a great romance?

On Kodiak Island there really is no fall season, so to speak. Sure, the climate transitions, animals prepare their winter homes, and everyone slips on their gloves and boots. But the fall trademark of the autumn season we know here in the “lower forty-eight” is non-existent.

For me, that trademark is the changing of the leaves.

Most of Kodiak’s trees are of the spruce, alder, birch, and hemlock variety. In other words, there are very few trees with leaves that change into those beautiful orange and red hues. In fact, the very few trees with leaves were the stars of fall on Kodiak Island because they were the few splashes of vibrant color in the sea of murky green.

Now I relate a good fall romance book to colorful leaves, chilly winds, and S’mores roasted over a crackling campfire under the stars.

Do live in a perpetual summer climate? Or do you experience the wonderful madness that is ever changing seasons? How does your own personal geography factor into your fiction?

I’ve lived in Ohio for ten years, where autumn is home to the seasonal Pumpkin Spike Latte (though I have to admit I actually don’t like it), pumpkin pie, red and orange leaves, boot socks, and fall sweaters. We also see OSU fans loyal to their team, piled on bleachers, bundled in red and black apparel with giant foam fingers. If I lived in a place like Florida I would miss fall. I’ve never been much of a hot weather girl myself. Go figure!


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