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Take Tewes with Kristina McBride

Every odd Tuesday (because Tuesdays aren't odd enough), I feature a different young adult fiction author YOU should know - from best-sellers to debuts. And what better way to do this than asking them TWO fun questions. Short, sweet, and sassy - just the way I like interviews.

If you're not convinced that after reading the interview below, here are a few endorsements for the wonderful young adult fiction author, Kristina McBride:

ONE MOMENT: "Kristina McBride has written a poignant, heartbreaking tale of how one moment in a person's life can change everything . . . a worthy addition to teen collections." – VOYA 

THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES: "Tense! The constant push and pull of friendship, pain, love, and jealousy is beautifully drawn. A definite must read." – Jay Asher, author of the New York Times bestseller Thirteen Reasons Why

And now for the questions...

1.     Your nickname, as shared on your website, is "Listy Kristi". I'm a bit of a lister myself...go us! Care to share a list of ways you build tension and mystery into your writing?

Go us is right! I can’t imagine life without lists! Before I start writing, I have to settle a few things. The main character is the most important piece of any book – who he/she is, what he/she desires most, and all the things that stand in the way of that desire. Which brings me to conflict, one of the most important elements of any book because it keeps the plot moving along and the reader reading. I enjoy brainstorming conflicts to throw at my characters and list every possible problem that I can initially dream up. I list other things, as well: important settings, major scenes, elements of each character (secrets, fears, passions), turning points, etc. I think all of this planning helps me immerse myself in the world of the book and, in turn, builds the tension and mystery as I write. The key to all of this is the freedom to toss any and all ideas that are not serving a purpose. The ability to let go is an essential character trait for every writer. If I set out to list all the things I have had to let go of during my writing career, I’d be here a very long time.

2.     Love the UK cover of One Moment. Did you have any input into the artwork of either edition?

UK edition
US edition
Thank you! I love it too! Usborne UK sent me the file and it worked so perfectly we did a little happy dance without asking for any changes. The US cover is equally lovely, and I am so pleased with the final product. I was a bigger part of this creation process, seeing the tweaked versions along the way. I am very fortunate to be working with the team at Egmont USA, as they are always willing to listen to my slightly-neurotic ideas. (Need an example? I didn’t love the font they’d chosen for my name – this was my first book, The Tension of Opposites – and they kindly changed it to something softer than had originally been used. I had been waiting my entire life to see my name on the jacket of a book and they worked with me to get it just right.)

Thanks for hanging out, Kristina! Get all the news from Kristina via her website, Twitter, and on Facebook.


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