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No Fear

Charlie, the main character in my novel, MY SOON-TO-BE SEX LIFE aspires to be a screenwriter. That bit of her is based in my reality, as I'm both a fiction writer and a screenwriter. It was fun to work in a few screenwriting terms / tropes.

I recently came across an image on Pinterest and as it relates to a current feature film project I'm working on, I thought it worth posting here.


Writers, musicians, artists - creators of any sort - must be FEARLESS. We're going to feel self-doubt, uncertain at trying something new, want to bow under the pressure of expectations - our own and those of total strangers.

But giving into the fear? Giving up? Not an option.

This includes the fear of "killing our darlings".  Not everything we write or create is post-on-the-fridge worthy. Especially not first drafts. Revise. Revisit. Rethink. Rewrite. Make mistakes and learn from them, then give the thing another go.

Yeah, edit without mercy, and you'll be amazed at what you can ultimately achieve.

No fear, people!




  1. Ashley Poston said...:

    So true! You have to be willing to give up a scene or a character or a bit of dialogue for the greater good of the story, and trust your readers, too. Especially your betas. I sort of had to learn that the hard way.

  1. Judith Tewes said...:

    Yes, I agree, Ash. Betas make all the difference. ;)

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