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Take Tewes with Jenny Kaczorowski

Every odd Tuesday (because Tuesdays aren't odd enough), I feature a different young adult fiction author YOU should know - from best-sellers to debuts. And what better way to do this than asking them TWO fun questions. Short, sweet, and sassy - just the way I like interviews.

Today I'm featuring Jenny Kaczorowski who...Likes her heroines smart and quirky, her heroes nice, and her kisses sweet. Her debut, THE ART OF FALLING, is coming from Bloomsbury Spark in Winter 2013. 
The questions!

1. As both a photographer and young adult fiction author, you really embody the expression "a
Jenny Kaczorowski
picture is worth a thousand words". If you had just THREE words, however, to describe your upcoming Bloomsbury Spark title, The Extraordinary Art of Falling, what would it be?

Identity, longing, kissing. For me, THE ART OF FALLING is about finding who you really are behind the image you project. My two main characters, Bria and Ben, both have these larger-than-life images at their high school and their journey is really about reconciling who they are with how people see them. They both long to be more than their personas, they long for each other, they long for more than high school. And then there's lots of kissing. This whole story started with two kissing scenes I cut from another story. In my first serious manuscript, the first kiss didn't happen until about 2/3 into the story. FALLING has a kiss within the first chapter. So yes. Kissing happens.

 2. Okay, you brought this up. (Well, it's on your website.) And I can't get it out of my head. You live in, "Avon, Ohio, the duct tape capital of the world". Them's fightin' words. Here in Canada, we love our duct tape. :) Thus, I issue a challenge. Can you list 10 ways a writer can put duct tape to use?

Go Avon! Canada may love duct tape, but can you claim an annual duct tape festival? As home of the Duck Brand duct tape factory, we have a lot of pride. We wear duct tape prom dresses and suits, we duct tape entire cars, we carry wallets and purses and belts made of duct tape. For writers, there are a few special uses:

 1. A case for your laptop. Nothing protects like duct tape.
 2. A cover for your notebook. Those things take a beating.
 3. A restraint system to keep yourself at your desk during edits.
 4. A caffeine delivery system. Duct tape your coffee cup to chest for hands-free drinking.
 5. An emergency paper substitute. Don't let a valuable idea escape! Jot it down on duct tape wherever you are.
 6. A pen/pencil repair kit. Snapped your writing implement in frustration? Duct tape.
 7. An alertness aid. Can't keep your eyes open? Duct tape.
 8. A bandaid. Paper cut from your manuscript? Duct tape.
 9. A theft-deterant. Need to protect your writing snacks? Duct tape.
 10. A sound-canceling device. Friends, children or significant other talking while you need quiet? Duct tape.

 Is there anything it can't do? I guess not, lol....well done with this list. I admit, I'm impressed. Thanks so much for joining me, Jenny. Want to learn more? Of course you do! Check out Jenny's WEBSITE, follow her on TWITTER.


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